Monday, May 4, 2015

Woolen carpets for better sleep

People who have trouble sleeping, should certainly think about the use of wool bedding, because, according to the latest survey, woolen carpets is the best choice.

Natural fibers absorb moisture, including sweat, which will significantly facilitate the regulation of body temperature.
Man in average issue up to a liter of sweat during sleep, while sweat synthetic fibers can not absorb, transmit "TheTimes".
The result is inadequate regulation of body temperature, thus significantly impaired sleep quality. Good sleep is important that the body temperature is not too high nor too low.
The study included eight people who had slept in three different mattresses and blankets from completely different materials: wool, cotton and synthetic fibers. Participants, while sleeping with wool carpets and blankets, were sleeping comfortably and deeper, than sleeping on the cover of cotton or synthetic him.
"Not to be mentioned how important is sleep, previous research has shown that lack of sleep and poor quality sleep increases the risk of various diseases," said study leader, Professor. Chris Tattersall.
The researchers point out that the carpets of wool is great for couples. In fact, each person fits a different temperature during sleep, while woolen carpets will adapt to the individual body temperature, regardless of the fact that he does not sleep alone.

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