Thursday, March 19, 2015

Add this sexual excitement: Gelignite exercises will lead to real satisfaction!

Result Gelignite exercises are the biggest excitement during sex, strengthen the tone of the vagina after childbirth, but also inhibit unwanted urination in old age.

Practice exercises every day! It helps women to regain control over urinary bladder after birth, but also increase the intensity of orgasms. It is about pelvic muscle exercises, which, like other muscles in the body, if you are not active may lose their strength. They can be very busy, and one of the leading causes physical and psychological stress.
Women who regularly practice Kegel exercises, have the highest circulation of blood in the pelvic region, resulting in better health and experience complete sexual intercourse. These exercises are also part of the treatments for farms that have pain during sex, but generally strengthen the intensity of female orgasm.
Even men should exercise their pelvic muscles, which will help in blood circulation in the lower part of the pelvis and improve sexual life and better experience orgasm. In addition, Kegel exercises can help regulate and duration of ejaculation. This is particularly important for men who have problems with early ejaculation.
Kegel exercises do not include anal muscles, abdominal muscles, waist and belly. Pelvic muscles are the ones who should use to stop urination.
Exercise 1
Try to stop the flow of urine during urination. If this reach, you have used the correct muscle.
Exercise 2
Try to stop the stool, or imagine that you have to stop gases. Press muscle to which you think is the right one. If you sense that the muscle is "drawn" upwards, you have identified a second important muscle for doing Kegel exercises.
Exercise 3
Ask your doctor (or do this experiment) to check the condition of the pelvic muscles during gynecological examination. If you feel a pressure on the finger which is in the vagina, the exercise you're doing well.
Constraints and fundamental flaws of the lower pelvic muscles
Sit on your knees, side or stomach, with legs open and relaxed chest. Drag the bottom of the pelvis and press. Should you feel how the muscles from the inside out and embrace and become more loaded. Concentrate on the front muscles around the bladder and vagina.
Put protective hand on bone and body lift at hand, if you press the birth canal. Hold that position two or three seconds and then l√ęshohuni freely.
Wherever and whenever
▪ The first exercise of the muscle Gelignite means printing for three seconds and relax for three seconds, and then printing again. Originally do 10 exercises in series three times a day. If you find it difficult to hold the muscle for three seconds, enough for even a second, the next time continue with the tightening of the muscle.
The advantages of these exercises are that you can do anywhere, anytime and no one can investigate you exercising.
▪ Second Kegel Exercise differs from the first in that the tightening and releasing should do as soon as possible.
▪ The third exercise scroll in any convenient position. Imagine you're in the elevator that moves. The higher you move and approaching each rotating floor, in such a way as more tense muscles, but in a way not to lose no tension which get progressively. At the end release completely.
Exercising the lower pelvic muscles always finish with a retreat in order to return to the original position. Applying qualitative exercise is more important than the number of repetitions.

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