Thursday, March 19, 2015

Features of a happy couple

Happiness in life is not just a few days off once a year abroad, buying dream house or expensive gift from boyfriend every month.

In fact, the true joy in life lies in some small things you do every day.Things like: Embracing the wife or husband when you come home after work, making coffee for the partner, to help him at home jobs mean much.Yes, it is true happiness in a marriage (about) is also the result of a series of small gestures, the sweetness that some couples do every day.
They leave everything to each other
If your partner needs you, throw everything else and be there for him.Nothing is more important than the needs of your partner for you. This is a feature of a happy couple. In fact many happy couples go one step further.They set a daily time for each other and leave everything else to that point.
They stop to kiss
All happy couples kissing boyfriend / girlfriend when they rush to work or elsewhere. But the happiest couples stop, take a few seconds out of their busy schedule and kissed enough to really feel it. If you are thinking how it helps, just try again. Will be surprised when you see the difference that makes this moment!
They 'control' each other
Standing up late at the office or simply asking the partner if he could eat lunch at the time, are some little habits that every happy couple makes in their daily routine. Yes, it is a good idea to check your better half, at any time and continuously. These small gestures can show how caring and how focused you for your partner. So, making a short phone call or a small message is always a good way to stay in touch with each other, even saying simply "Hi" or "I miss".
They hear the
happy couples are very interested in listening to each other every day.They give each other a chance to speak. In a relationship, listening is often more important than talking. They ask questions to ensure that they understand the feelings of the partner. Only when couples hear each other they can understand and communicate with each other.
They appreciate
rating is a strong positive emotion. Happy couples do not hesitate to express their appreciation for each other. At the same time, it is important to appreciate each other for the right things, otherwise it loses the expression of real importance. For example, if your partner makes a really delicious coffee, Cherish it. Things however small build a strong bond between you and your better half.
They hug
a hug means millions emotions in a simple motion, and happy couples understand the importance of this form of expression. Hug him at any moment and anywhere. Sometimes when he / love / or your going through some bad moments, like a bad day at work or when not feel good- a hug from you can make all the difference.
They say "I love you"
You know your partner loves you. Your partner know that you love him. But it is important to express that feeling and say "I love you" ... every day.These words really you calm the soul and make you feel better, writes Annabel. Happy couples start and the end of the day saying "I love you" even during it, even through a simple message.

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