Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Office flirtations occur in 61% of companies, that is why we glamour

In times of "chat" -it and recognition through social networks, love looks like have a feeling entirely new, whether that we have recently discovered the meaning.

But flirtations have been and continue to be still present everywhere, especially in the workplace. Recent studies stress that occur in the office flirtations, occurring in 61% of companies and employer is one that encourages.
According to the results of research by Robert Half, 61% of Italian companies are consumed reports and love among employees, reports Telegraph.
A figure that regard European countries, Italy ranks second behind Germany. While in France and England, romance in the office, seems to be a national sport. According to the survey, in Italy, Milan is the city in which consumed more betrayal in office, the city followed by Rome, Bologna, Turin. But not only that. In Italy, workplaces with the highest rate of flirting are hospitals and clinics, professional offices, editorial offices, public offices and banks.
Alfio Cascioli, business psychologist and a leading expert in the field of motivational strategies, explains more about this.
"Love in office tables arises from feelings of loneliness that characterizes our society."
This figure, according Cascioli, it is not surprising at all: "In fact, it is likely that flirting at work to be much more. Of course, one of the factors behind this kind of relationship at work is time. You go, an average of 8 hours of work with colleagues who become increasingly less foreign, "he said.

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