Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The partner is controlling you

Control of email has become normal in relationships and love?

It all started quite so innocent. Thou leave with some friends for dinner, but before you go out, I wanted to check the address of the restaurant. Move the mouse, to illuminate the screen of the laptop open and here I was, by the first straight in the eye: your partner inbox. Maybe you shut the window and went day. Or maybe, if you are like most people, was found by clicking on an email and money than you realize, was introduced into the mouse hole interception.
"We all do," said a colleague when I asked the office last week. The conversation that went on was the hottest we have ever done, where anyone tell a personal anecdote or story of "a girlfriend" in a relationship had tapped instantly email the other, writes an editor of Vogue magazine.
There are only in this story. According to a survey done last year by the company Avast antivirus program, one in five men and one in four women smartphone control the other half. Meanwhile, a 2013 survey by McAfee found that 49 percent of people regularly check your email partner, writes class magazine. In these times, when the control's Instagram and Facebook called fair game, become a normal email and tapping?
For a couple, reading emails partner States is part of a silent affair between the two. "He has given me the password to use for everything," she says. "I'm sure he knows that it inspect all and I do not have a problem that it controls my accounts online."
Another editor refused to awake, not because they doubted the husband, but because it was a way to understand it better. "He does not speak to me for many things. I read some of his emails to understand. It is a peek altruistic. "
A part of our staff was convincingly against eavesdropping and many of them believed that even if you trust the partner, if controls often, you will find something. "My friend found an email with a picture that she thought was not beloved grandson, therefore clicked, but it turned out that was the picture of her engagement ring," said one of the journalists. "The worst part of all this was that displeased". For months, whenever they go out for dinner or escape out of town, she thought he proposed to. After eight months, he said, and fortunately with another ring.
Another editor, had similarly discovered that her boyfriend was making plans to propose to the emails, but she could not stay without saying anything. "I ended up telling it in the middle of a major contention," she said. "I felt so bad that I decided to dawn sincere."
If reveal future plans for engagement is inadequate, to discover something ugly is even worse. Friend of one of our editors discovered that the boyfriend had sent her friend an email with negative marks for it yourself.Constantly thinking to say, but did not. "I just told her that if he saw my inbox will find many emails and conversations Googlechat about him," she said.
As for the art of tapping, I learned that there are several possibilities to control other instead to check his email. "Most of the iPad and iPhone-s s are connected, so it is easy to see his messages if it borrows once the iPad," said an assistant us.
Another by young people on staff gave us a tutorial how to use stealth phone's location services to determine whether or not the other showing the truth to countries where!
Those who have been on the other side of the equalizer, the tapped, if you would call it, are made aware to stop curious eyes. The basic rules are: Do not Synchronize your electronic device, subtract message preview of the phone settings, do not use the same code for different devices and never forget to log out of your account electronically.
But at the end of the round table discussions, we agreed as cynical, that despite measures that will take, will be someone who will check your email."It does not leave anything important in writing," said one of our fashion editors, a lesson that perhaps we need to follow all the after flow of information from Sony. "Everything that is on the Internet, not private," said someone else. "Or your soul twin, or a hacker Korean, is to read the information."

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