Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Here is what speaks his behavior after sex!

What's that you're not safe, which means his behavior after sex, read these tips for decoding of his residence after a night of fiery.

What men do after sex, can say a lot more about them, but also for your future relationship, reports Telegraph.
Grips hands and legs around you
He is preoccupied with you, which is super, but only if you also feel the same for him. On the contrary it will only be compelling.
The embrace and kiss at the forefront
He is very pleased with what exactly happened and does not feel any sudden impulse to flee. It seems like there is no such type of phobia of intimacy.
He ain
As flee from thy place will also go from your life. There have what he wanted and now wants to continue hobbies.
Sleep sleep
Sometimes this is the only reason for the work well done and fatigue, but sometimes emotional unwillingness to open, so it was much easier to avoid the possibilities of discontent.
Begins to kiss and fondle
Have a little rest and are recovering, and now is the time for the second round, as well.
Goes to buy ice cream
because ice cream is what you wanted, and then all that can be said is: hold!

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