Friday, May 15, 2015

Eight wedding tips from relationship experts

Family, co-workers, close friends and even acquaintances are always willing to give marriage advice. And although do good and desire to help, they are not specialists in this field. Therefore them have been eclipsed by those authors, therapists, teachers and psychologists to share best practices for relationships to gain from their marriages.

Do not ever debate on an empty stomach
"We have been able to stop the conversion of a spat in hassle by asking:" Is there hunger? ". Whatever the cause, perhaps falling sugar, a sandwich or a biscuit can prevent a serious conflict and both cost less than a psychologist! "- Dr. Karl Pillemer, author of 30 Lessons For Loving and professor of gerontology at Cornell.
Accept mistakes
"None of us is perfect. I make mistakes. But if I'm wrong, I hurt spouse or intentionally or unintentionally, I apologize. You have to make. Successful. "Dr. Logan Levkoff, sexologists and author.
Decides that every day be a part just for you and your partner
can be a morning coffee when talking about the day and those who think, as I do with a husband, a walk in the evening, as do our friends or to pick sleeping children stay one or two hours together at the end of the day. No matter what you do during this time and how long it. The only important thing is that you're stable and you have a time to be closer every day. This will build trust in marriage, like anything else. "- Fawn Waver, author and founder of Happy Women's Club.
Sometimes you have to take responsibility to be the first
"should be the first to break the silence, the first to put peace, the first apology, the first miss, the first to fly, the first to be submitted. Life is short and marriage is very important to wait for everything to be right. "- Winifred Reilly, marriage and family therapist and relationship blogs.
Despite what you have heard, there is nothing bad to go to sleep upset
I stay up all night being busy, things will escalate, as they do truce to settle the debate, will arrive at the best solution. " - Dr. Jim Walkup, marriage and family therapist.
Do good things without them asking partner
"At least once during the day, do something for others without seeking him.Clear the table, pour the garbage, do a massage, take care of the kids while she makes a long bath. There are a million things you can do every day that can build a strong relationship for the future. " - Marina Sbrochi, author of Stop Looking for a Husband: Find the Love of Your Life ".
Separate toilets
"It's much more romantic to stay close to home elsewhere than at the sink and toilet. Having some space and private activities helps to maintain a little mystery in a long-term relationship. "- Iris Krasnow, author of The Secret Lives of Wives
Give importance to how others treat partner
"If you would see how life as a parent your partner, see how it behaves with pets or those of road. My husband left his head after a small ketch zoo pets once and he let his head after the children. "- Dr. Samantha Rodman, psychologists and advisory meetings.

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