Friday, May 15, 2015

How can women be taken more seriously?

The study reveals the trials of ordinary people for men and women and the power that they communicate only through the image.

Women, who want to look powerful, often can do this by wearing more masculine, as business suits, or at least, a blazer.
It is difficult, but not impossible, for women to communicate a powerful image. There are moments in life that we want to take us seriously.Seriousness has to do with a sense of power that people communicate through the combination of body language and dress. Everyone, from politicians to business leaders who want to persuade to believe in them, or to invest for them, trying to find the balance and serious look, but also likable and trustworthy.
The opposite of this is called the levity. People with mood-changing, who constantly make fun and dress "trendy" are less likely to be seen as people who can be trusted. Imagine a clown who does tricks and bitter joke, with a scruffy clothing. Would you vote for this man, or would you trust that your finances? Probably not.
Because of the connection to the power and the fact that men are perceived as more dominant than women, reliability is a notion that think like a masculine quality. Women, who want to look powerful, often can do this by wearing more masculine, as business suits, or at least, a blazer.Women do not wear ties, but may wear the headscarf, or serious jewelry.
Ironically, in the series of "USA Network", women wear fashion dresses (and expensive), often with open collar, or who are close to the waist. Also, they wear high heels. Another way for women to claim their power, if we trust this version of the business world, is to look as sexy as possible.
What you seem more powerful?
A study at the University "Yale" Bailey April psychologist, can help us understand gender difference regarding reliability. "It only 1 to 5 minutes between three strangers meeting to create a hierarchy of power between them". The hierarchy established depending on gender and race (white men are seen as the most powerful), but depending on the posture (leaning against the Domina).
When interactions within groups organized in a dimension of power, they are called "vertical" (V), and when under the dimension of friendship, they are called "horizontal" (H). In a vertically organized group, people with power have style "V" high. According to experts, men have a style "V".However, anyone can adopt a style "V", in an attitude that expresses dominance.
Experts say that the body shots in style "V" include openness (open limbs, not closed), expansionism (checking into more space) and lack of nervousness. Even a woman can have style "V" standing in the same way as a stud. But, as will be appreciated women in this case?
Two psychologists created a test to measure the perceived dominance, depending on gender and posture. The basic task for the participants was that the judge had preceded meaning of words from a photo. The researchers created picture-word pairs to create two styles: dominance and submission. In photos with style "V" models remain in positions "open" and vice versa (in the second, had their hands and legs crossed). After seeing the photos, the participants appreciated the words that express a style "V" high, powerful, controlling, respected and capable and those that express a style "V" low, convinced incompetent, naive and dependent.
Because men associate with a high style "V", participants saw pictures of men in these stills will judge them with words that express a style, especially men who had an attitude that expressed high style "V".However, to see women in that position, made the work more difficult, because it would require to go beyond the stereotype. Therefore, participants need more time was when they saw a woman in positions that express high style "V".
The study shows that the choice of epithets for women deployed in style in question did not require more time, but the work was harder for men who had taken positions "subservient". When it comes to judging men as powerful and competent, work becomes easier. Women, if you want to look powerful, not only have to walk, but also to stay and sit down like men. No need to be worn as such, just enough attitude.

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