Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Crackling fingers. Good or bad?

Finally gets answers the question of whether it is evil crackling prints or not.

When we were young not tell us crackling toes because it may cause us to arthritis and air bubbles were there for a specific reason. But it remains a common habit, especially for teens who can not postpone classes. But it actually creates a problem, or just bothering people around us?
Now you can know what happens when crackling fingers thanks to a man who decided just beeping fingers of one hand for 60 years. The result?Hands did not have any difference from one another.
Donald L. Unger, physician and researcher from California, has just snap your fingers on his left hand and after six decades of this informal experiment, he found no change in his joints. Most medical sources have supported this conclusion, according to Vox video above, although it shows that there is a study from 1990 that says crunch could lead to a weakening of the strength of the hand.
But how is born this 'legend'? BBC, writes Annabel, submits that this is probably due to the fact that arthritic joints tend to be cracked because of damaged cartilage in the joints surface.
So there are results for both hypotheses.  

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