Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Five secret enemies who do not let you lose weight

Sometimes it seems like and why try to be careful with food, can not lose weight. You may have to right. Meet five opponents secret that not lean left.

Lack of vitamins
Women who meet the diet with extra vitamins are less hungry than those who do not do this, according to research Laval University in Canada.
Solution: Ask a test if you lack any kind of vitamin and straight to the pharmacy, or search rich foods that kind of vitamin. They may be the B vitamins that help in burning fat and reducing stress level if he has flown without control.
Water tap
tap water is very rich in fluoride that can be good for teeth, but not to your silhouette. According to Mary J Shomo, author of "The Thyroid Diet: Managing Your Metabolism For Lasting Weight Loss", "Fluoride prevents the body to absorb iodine who have thyroid health. If the thyroid is weak, the metabolism will be, and you will add weight. "
Solution: Try to use some weeks Bottled mineral water and see if this will affect your weight.
Measure ration
During the past 30 years, the average size of a plate increased from 23cm to 33cm, which has happened and rations. "Many of us have forgotten how are normal rations" says dietician Scottish Fiona Kirk.
Solution: Fiona recommends to use portions of foods with carbohydrate or protein was not greater than the coup and to fill the rest of the plate with fruits and vegetables. Be sure to use smaller plates not remain in place.
Intestinal bacteria
are talking about bacteria that live in the digestive system. Researcher Peter Turnbaugh the Washington University School of Medicine has observed two types of bacteria found in the gut: bakteroidetes and firmikutes. He discovered that obese people have a greater amount firmikutesh and that when they started the diet, the amount of them sat and grew it the first group, in line with the loss of the fatty layers.
Solution: While it's not yet found anything that can increase levels of bakteroideteve, increasing levels of bacteria in general will increase the number of those breaks carbohydrates. The best way is to get more probiotic foods that supply healthy bacteria levels that include leeks, garlic and bananas and avoid antibiotics that can kill them. You can also take a daily probiotic drinks like Danone Actimel liquid scythe Original, containing ingredients that enhance immunity.
Your brain
researcher at Utrecht University in the Netherlands have proven that people who think positively when starting a diet are more likely to lose weight compared with doubters, class magazine writes. Alyssa coach Abey means that if your brain knows that he is doing something that will make you feel bad, stop it. So you will feel every piece of cake to outpace pastry shelf.
Solution: Focus the reasons why you will lose weight and tell yourself that you're doing. Should stop to see both Pastry and adjacent gym. Also does well to select objectives in a paper weight. "I advise everyone to keep a paper and check before doing something that puts to the test the promise," says personal trainer personal and Jennifer Garner, Valerie Waters.

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