Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Coconut oil for health and beauty

Coconut oil or butter, otherwise called is a product with many uses for beauty. He is a perfect natural moisturizing, but not only.

Below you will find a list of some of the main uses of coconut oil:
Night makeup. Even anti-water mascara would not resist dot coconut oil because it has higher cleaning properties of cosmetics from the skin. Apply through cosmetic cotton cleaners instead of milk.
The makeup brush cleaner. For a better scrub brush or sponge using a mixture cosmetics where to add equal amounts of liquid soap and coconut oil.
Cleans mouth. A gargle with one teaspoon of coconut oil will remove all bacteria and germs from your mouth, because the antibacterial properties that coconut oil.body lotion. Coconut oil is a perfectly relaxing and you can use as lotion for your body every day.
Curricula, oil. Even mitigation curricula, around the nails of the hand or foot can use coconut oil.
Lip Balm. Coconut oil serves as an ideal lip balm. Put a little coconut oil in a small bowl and you may have all the time with him.
Cream skin cracks. Coconut oil has a very positive effect against skin cracks. Women during or after pregnancy can be used repeatedly but also women with cases of fractures in the area of the belly, chest or abdomen.
Cream. Coconut oil does very well for thin skin around the eyes. Avoid air sacs and prevents wrinkles eye mimicry.
Skrab body. Coconut oil is used as a main ingredient in the preparation of natural skrabeve body. Mix coconut oil with salt or sugar finely and use as skrab body or legs.
Massage oil. Coconut oil if mixed with a few drops of an essential oil, the other, for example, lavender oil, ideally serves as massage oil.
Cream for waxing. Coconut oil can also be used to depiluar with razor after softens your skin like waxing creams or lotions to.
Whitening toothpaste. If you want white teeth mix in a small jar of coconut oil with baking soda. Your teeth will look whiter than ever.
Eases itching. If you have a skin problem and have constant itching, apply coconut oil to calm the skin.
Cream. Coconut oil can ideally serve as a very good night cream. Its antioxidant properties will give the skin briskly to fight wrinkles.
Cream for curly hair . Put a little coconut oil on hands and coat the ends of your hair to fix locks and give shiny hair.
Hair Balm. If you want extra moisture to the hair, apply coconut oil to damp hair and do not rinse it.
Hair mask. Put hot coconut oil to the hair before you wash your hair and let it operate for about an hour, then wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner normally. You will see amazing effects.
Anti-dandruff treatment. dandruff usually caused by dry scalp of the head. Therefore applying coconut oil to the hair roots and its relaxing effect will remove dandruff.

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