Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mystery of 'feminine ejaculation' - A new research has revealed the unexpected

Female ejaculation is one of the mysteries of the human race. A new research, which has made Samuel Salama in France, used ultrasound and chemical analysis, in order to provide the final answer to the question of the origin of female ejaculation.

Using ultrasound, women have urinary bladders are checked before intimate relationships in order to verify that the bladder is empty, reports Telegraph.
Directly before orgasm are those female bladder was full. Bladder would be empty again after the release of ejaculation.
Fluid biochemical analysis showed that two out of five women have derived from body fluid, which has the same composition as well as their urine.
In other women fluid found for prostate specific antigen, which Skenit glands release, namely "female prostate. Fluid such women was white and "like milk ', while just such considered' female ejaculation '.
This research helps to break the contradictions about the fluid, which many women release during orgasm. These are certainly two different liquids from different sources.
"Still it is not known whether they have a psychological role liquids used for any purpose," said Barry Komisaruk, one of the experts of the research team.

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